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Organic Mouth Cleanser


100% Organic Mouth Cleanser For Dogs 

2.2 fl oz



FRESHENS                        DISINFECTS

Fights Odor Causing Bacteria
Fights Gingivitis & Gum Disease
Freshens breath
Toothbrush Optional
Reduces tartar & plaque build-up
Naturally prevents tooth decay
Fights periodontal disease
Maintains healthy teeth & gums
Soothes Inflammation

Easy Application           No-Rinse

No Synthetic Ingredients

No artificial flavors, No alcohol
Safe For Puppies, Vegan and Cruelty Free

Organic Olive Oil
Organic Sunflower Oil
Organic Glycerin
Organic Peppermint
Organic Basil
Organic Cinnamon

mild and minty with sweet earth notes – 100% organic


Natural + Holistic Dog Mouth Care

Shake well before use.
Apply 1 – 2 squirts directly in mouth as needed.
Rinsing not required. Toothbrush optional.
Avoid contact with eyes. Safe for puppies.
Use regularly to maintain healthy teeth, gums and breath.

5 reviews for Organic Mouth Cleanser

  1. Tiffany S. (verified owner)

    We recently started using the organic mouth cleanser in our grooming spa. The dogs love the taste and it’s so easy to apply. Great for daily use and in between professional cleanings!

  2. Maxwell_The Collie (verified owner)

    The minty herbal aroma is fantastic! Our border collie Max just loves this stuff! Makes his mouth feel and smell amazing!!

  3. shelly P.

    My dog has bad breath and with just a few cleanings I noticed a huge difference! The cleanser left his breath smelling minty fresh and helped remove tartar buildup that was developing around the gums. We use this cleanser daily to keep our dog’s mouth extra clean…and his teeth are much whiter! Love this product!

  4. woofdog (verified owner)

    This left our dogs mouths smelling minty fresh! So easy to use and our beagles just love the taste which makes teeth cleaning more enjoyable! Great cleanser and love that there is no rinsing needed!

  5. SandyC.

    I work for a large rescue organization, and we often use the aTobiko organic mouth cleanser to freshen and clean the dogs’ mouths. The dogs love the taste and seem to look forward to their weekly cleanings. The bottle is also easy to use and apply. We like that there is no rinsing needed after applying!

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Store Organic Dog Mouth Cleanser in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Safe for dogs and humans. Do not use on cats or other animals.
Overuse may result in liquidy digestion output.

If any adverse reactions are observed, stop use, contact your vet, and please let us know.

Recyclable plastic bottle, twist open clear cap