Organic Dog Face Cleanser

Organic Face Cleanser


100% Organic Face Cleanser For Dogs

1.8 fl oz


FOAMING                        NO-RINSE

Hypoallergenic For Sensitive Skin
Soothes & Disinfects
Naturally Freshens Faces
Cleans dirt & debris
Relieves itch caused by dry skin & dandruff
Fights odor-causing bacteria

Gently Cleanses & Disinfects
No ‘tear free’ numbing agents

Sulfate & Paraben Free
Safe For Puppies, Vegan and Cruelty Free
Biodegradable, Non-GMO

Antibacterial, Anti-fungal

No Rinsing Needed
Easy to use pump foamer

Organic Aloe
Organic Castile Soap (made with organic sunflower oil and organic olive oil)
Organic Juniper Berry
Organic Palmarosa
Organic Lavender
Organic Chamomile
Organic Passionflower
Organic Calendula
Organic Goldenseal
Organic Dandelion

Scent: mild berry and lavender, sweet with earth tones. 100% organic


Natural + Holistic Dog Paw Care

Shake well before use. Apply 1-2 pumps directly to face as needed. Rub into fur. No rinsing needed.
Wipe clean with paper towel or cloth after application. Repeat regularly to clean and disinfect faces.

Safe for puppies. Avoid eyes and tongue. Flush with water if contact occurs.

5 reviews for Organic Face Cleanser

  1. Molly (verified owner)

    We love the waterless face cleanser and will be introducing the aTobiko line in our natural pet supply stores. We just know our customers will enjoy it just as much as we have! As a retailer, we work with several brands and aTobiko is our top choice! Our dogs can’t thank you enough for the goodies!

  2. chihuahua_lady (verified owner)

    As an owner of a dog bakery and boutique, and breeder of long haired chihuahuas….it can be difficult to groom our dogs regularly. Now with the face foaming cleanser we are able to keep our dogs faces and coats clean without needing to go in the tub! Love this product!!!!

  3. woofdog (verified owner)

    We love that there is no rinsing needed and can’t get over the beautiful aroma! This is great for in between grooming sessions and to freshen up after meals. We also use it on our dogs after a long walk through the woods or when traveling.

  4. SpaDogLove (verified owner)

    As a groomer for a luxury dog spa this honey berry face cleanser is our absolute favorite! It smells earthy and delicious and the dogs love the extra petting and attention. This drys pretty quick and won’t leave a greasy reside.

  5. Jill (verified owner)

    We can’t say enough wonderful things about this face cleanser! It smells amazing and always makes our dachsund’s face clean and ultra soft! I love that it is waterless and doesn’t require rinsing! Saves so much time!! We also use it on his body for in between baths. We get so many compliments about how good our pup smells!

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Store Organic Face Cleanser in a cool dry place. Keep away from direct sunlight.

Safe for puppies and humans. Do not use on cats or other animals.
If any adverse reactions are observed, stop use, contact your vet, and please let us know.

Recyclable white plastic bottle, with recyclable foaming / pump top.